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 +XSGI is the native X11 compatible display server used for most of the IRIX. line (with the exception of the SGI Onyx4, which uses a modified XFree86) ​
 +====Basic Information====
 +XSGI is heavily optimized to use IrisGL/​OpenGL commands, later standardized via GLX. This is a form of indirect rendering, in contrast to X.Org'​s DRI extensions. The license of the program is proprietary,​ with its source never having been released, leaked or even mentioned in SGI literature. The multi-threaded,​ highly optimized nature of the display server allowed for 2D GL effects on the desktop, including vector icons, graphical special effects, and many common demos. ​
 +GLX lives on in X.Org and many other implementations of X. Much like OpenGL and IrisGL, XSGI's contributions to computer graphics and common desktop effects cannot be overstated. ​
 +{{tag>​[Subsystems and Applications]}}
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