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 +=====IRIX libc=====
 +IRIX does not use a BSD or GNU-style libc, so this page aims to document differences,​ limitations,​ considerations and more when developing an application or porting to IRIX.
 +IRIX 6.5.22 and up are mostly C99/C++98 compliant, and can handle most properly formatted C and C++ code written to these specifications. Later versions of C and C++ may not have proper library support baked in. 
 +IRIX's mmap() is notable because it lacks the flag MAP_ANON. This was analyzed to be the same as MAP_SGI_ANYADDR for the functionality of the OS, sharing the same application purpose. Therefore it should be safe in most instances to use sed/awk to replace these flags. Raion also added a MAP_ANON definition patch (Available in the irisware mercurial repo here: https://​​projectkitsune/​irisware/​src/​default/​bootstrap/​headers/​mman.h)
 +More to be added soon. 
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