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irisware, stylized in lowercase, is a successor project of Nekoware and tgcware for SGI MIPS systems running IRIX 6.5.22 or later.


In May of 2018, went down. Along with it, the forums, master of Nekoware and several developers went dark.

Not wanting this to be the end, and dissatisfied with many choices in Nekoware, Raion announced irisware and solicited from the community for improvements.


irisware is designed with a narrower scope of programs that can easily be maintained. As such, it prefers LTS releases, prioritizes CLI utilities and libraries. It also has other differences:

  • The prefix is /opt/local instead of /usr/nekoware. (For those who prefer /usr/local, a symlink can be installed)
  • It bootstraps into the system, updating the system shells, Perl and many other utilities.
  • Preferred tardist distributions are both .tardist and .tardist.xz
  • Future releases will eventually include dependency resolution

Package scope is narrower. Applications like Firefox are not the targets of irisware, they take far too many resources to manage.


irisware will be distributed upon first release via http, rsync, and ftp at Initially, all packages will be built for n32 ABI, requiring MIPS IV with at least 6.5.22m for full support.


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