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 +IN-BSD (IRIX Netinst BSD) is an official IRIX Network project manned by Raion to create an easy to maintain iocage appliance for network installing IRIX. This is not, however, designed for automation. It's a single-use appliance feature for FreeBSD users. ​
 +**This is a pre-release guide being staged. It is not IN-BSD'​s final guide - it isn't ready yet.**
 +====System Requirements====
 +  *A FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE,​ or later, installation on a ZFS root. This has not been tested in a VM, and VM configurations are not officially supported. ​
 +  *Approximately 15GB of disk space.
 +Install iocage, then enable it in /​etc/​rc.conf and bootstrap it. 
 +<​code>#​ pkg install iocage
 +# printf '​iocage_enable="​YES"'​ >> /​etc/​rc.conf
 +# service iocage start
 +# iocage activate zpool // Raion Comment - zpool needs to be replaced with the main zpool
 +Next, download the iocage image, extract and install:
 +<​code>#​ cd /tmp; fetch ftp://​​projects/​in-bsd/​
 +# tar xvf && mv /​iocage/​images/​
 +# iocage import in-bsd-iocage
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